Good news everyone! Esteemed professor Dr. Tyknee’s daughter is getting married,and you’ve all been invited to the wedding! unfortunately, there’s a few hiccups to deal with before she can get hitched: the ring is locked in a laboratory drawer, and experiment #0451 ate the key. The ceremony’s in an hour, and cracking open the desk drawer is not an option (as for retrieving the key, don’t even ask) . Dr Tyknee is too caught up in wedding bliss to give you proper instructions on how to operate the Shrink Ray. The only left to do is activate Tyknee’s prototype shrink ray and crawl through the key hole so that grandmother’s ring can be grabbed before the wedding begins! It’s kind of you to volunteer. Just finish signing the standard inter-dimensional displacement waiver, and we’ll get you tiny for Tyknee! ***ROOM MINIMUM OF 4 AND MAXIMUM OF 8***