$25/ticket Sunday-Thursday $28 on Friday and Saturday. Discounts available for students, military, and groups. Call for packages and pricing for parties and events.

Can I cancel oR reschedule after I have booked?

RESCHEDULING: You can reschedule (change your date and time) up to 1 week in advance of your booking time. In order to reschedule, there is a link on the confirmation email you received when you first booked. 

CANCELLING: Unfortunately, due to how our booking system works with availibility, there are no refunds or exchanges for participants who cancel or show up late.

What Happens if i am late?

These are live-action events. You must arrive on time in order to participate. We cannot way for latecomers. The door to the room locks at exactly the time you signed up for. Leave ample time to allow for traffic and parking. If you arrive after the door to the room has been locked, you will not be allowed to participate. 

There are no refunds or exchanges for participants who arrive past their booking time.

How long do we need?

Plan to spend about 90 minutes at Great Escape Delaware. This includes a 15-minute introduction. You'll have up to 60 minutes to attempt to escape from the room. This will leave some time afterwards for fun photos.

how early should we arrive for our game?

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your start time (but no more than 20)! This essential. You must arrive on time to participate. When you arrive you will receive a quick briefing on the game. Then the fun begins! You will be locked in the room and will have 60 minutes to get out.

do i need reservations to participate?

Yes, a reservation is necessary, but thankfully you can book online easily by clicking the "Book Now" buttons. We do not take walk-ins. All escape room events must be scheduled online up to 30 minutes in advanced. If you don't see an event time that suits you, you can try emailing to schedule a private booking time. Private room booking rates will apply.

Will there be other people in the room? 

No, we allow each group the experience the game privately. We do not force you to play with complete strangers.

are we really locked inside the room?

Yes! But you will get out, one way or another. No, really you will...we promise...There are emergency exits in the rooms, just in case. Players who leave WILL BE ALLOWED BACK IN.

Is it scary? 

No. There will be no one or no thing there to jump out at you or grab you to scare you. Some of our rooms may have a horror theme, but it is merely for atmosphere. 

what should we bring with us? 

You only need to bring your best wits and puzzle-solving ability. All items needed for solving the puzzles will be included in the room. Wear anything you are comfortable in, however you may be squatting down or getting on your knees to look under or to get a closer look at something. If you wear reading glasses, bringing them along would be recommended.