You are a team of rebels that have all been dispatched to Moon City above the planet of Valpar in order to try to locate the severed hand of a famous space knight that was lost in a fight with the evil emperor.  Your intel suggests that the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy has found the hand and is planning on selling it to the highest bidder so that they can use its DNA to create a powerful army of space knights.  Your team enters the lair and calls in a bomb threat to get him to vacate the premises.  He leaves in a hurry, so now is your chance!  Find the hand and get out of there before he realizes it was a hoax and returns to deal with the culprit.  You have 60 minutes… You’re our only hope! ***ROOM MINIMUM OF 4 AND MAXIMUM OF 10***

*Any imagery used is not from the actual room. We like to keep that a secret!